Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gua banyak cukup marah lo!

OEI peeple of singapore, got take your money already not?

OF COURSE LAH! Which people dowan free money right?

Hahahaha, singporeans all know already, soon kana fucked backside and pay after-erection price, so might as well take the money the garment is giving now. At least still got some dignity hor?

Wah… I think also I angry man. Why this bimbo ah-lian minah so angry, peeple ask.

You see lah, before erection, everything also must pay and pay thru our nose. Then suddenly near erection time got SO MANY GOODIES!

So many goodies see until also gua got nosebleed.

Wah got free money liao. Somemore ah, the annual transport fare increment is pushed forward, like as if can renew library book lidat. Supposed to expire on july, but knn, erection time happy happy renew until october. Bo liao la.

You vote for them you get good stuff first, then suffer next. You don't vote for them, you don't get good stuff AND you have to suffer next. Wah sibeh sian man, no other way to squeeze money from peeple arh? Even people kana rape the rapist got try different style, but this one… wah the victim also tulan lor. Always kana fucked backside no style one.

I was telling saman that time- so you voting for who arh? Then she say dat she working in garment position, you siao ar want to vote woker party? Then I tell her, aiyah why you so bodoh, they cannot check mah! Even lau lee and lau goh got go on tv, make big hoo haa show the ballot box throw in fire all, opposition party also can know how many voted for them, bla bla bla… they cannot trace who you are mah. And you know what that bitch tell me? She said FUCK YOU LAH U MINAH! You think so easy one meh? The garmen damn not happy if you don't vote for them, if got many many peeple neber vote for them, vote for the opposition, they will investigate one. And she show the " " sign using her hand when say investigate. I tell her stop lah, you look like one stupid slut doing that, hahahaha! Then that bitch whack me on the head lor, like idiot. Wah lan doy, I spend a lot of money man, go do my hair nice nice curly curly like the leng lui xiaxue. Then the bitch tell me hahaha! You go make your hair look like the prostitute girl with blog for what! Stupid man! Wah sei, I tell you, I damn angry lor with saman. I dowan talk to her anymore for the day. Pissed man.

Then I go check peeple blog, so sian nothing to do, that stupid bitch saman was reading some magazine with sexy girl and boy together on the front, so I go my darling rockson de blog. He so funny man! I saw him write about the durain guy. Aiyah, this durain fella ah… knn lah he.

His balls deserve to be cut off and die alone on top of the spike of the ugly durian near the singapore river. Sial punya orang, I still not happy every time peeple remind me every 1 dollar I give it is 90 cent go to his fucking toilet paper wipe his backside. I is very mad now. All the while they show sad sad story of people with die-a-betes, with kidney problem, get stuck to the stupid big machine take their blood can clean it… so ke lian man I see them… then what lah, no money lah, this lah that lah… Then in school got my kawaii de cousin come to my house ask jie, can donate to NKF not? For help poor thing peeple, I also heart soften, I oways give minimum 10 dollar. And kaninabehchaocheebye, that fucking durain only give one dollar from my 10 dollar to help those peeple!!!! Wah, wan to go oversea fly on plane must fucking use people money arh? CHEEBYE, you fucking CEO, you supposed to be charitable organisation go fly air asia lah! We all poorer than you, no peanut salary even if work for 10 year give you money and what you do with it? SPEND 90% for YOURSELF! KANINA! I work hard for that money and u easy easy spend any o how. You deserve to get life imprisonment man.

Then I so angry, then I talk talk to myself and saman that babi ask me you siao ah, cakap sendiri.

Ninabeh, what she know man… everything also garment give. I tell you arh, once I can vote, I dun vote them. Seriously. Minah here is very angry at things going on. I dowan to keep paying and paying. Where is the transparen-c man. Say no corrupt, no this, no that.

THEN TELL LAH! Why the GRC no pap one got no upgrading works? Explain lah sial!


Gua cukup banyak angry sekarang!


At 7:04 AM, Blogger sash2 said...

minah minah, why u so tupid? CEO where got travel economy, CEO of country where got fly economy bad where got CEO country downgrade. find something else to vent your come NKF under durian got flashy new building come up, no-one complain? How come no-one say, how come charitable organisation got so flashy building. Why don u ask whether Head of Red Cross fly economy, whether got chauffeur, got nice apartment....focus minah, dont marah so much abt this, got other things to marah about right? Or maybe just dont marah at all....bp also go down.


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