Monday, April 24, 2006

Who don't love money is MAD

Singporean all love money.

Who dun love money is mad.

Tapi hor, singpore garment also love money.

Haiyah, all also love money. Orang kata, for love, anyone can do anything. Even kill. But hor, lucky singpore garment not like that. The most they do is squeeeeeeze your money, your mother de money, your father de money, everyone punya money.

Haiyah, every time bus,mrt fare also increase. Next time the bloody idiot people ask joke "what goes up but never comes down" I will say: "it is singpore bus fare lah!" I wan take bus go orchard, chinablack party also so expensive. Mrt damn expensive can? I also think to myself- maybe if got car is cheaper. Budden my friend say ah, singpore we normal peeple buay chance to own car. Singpore is the only cuntry in the world where you must pay 1/40th of a peanut to certify that you can buy a peanut car. Then some more the road tax buay tahan, petrol price also pay like want to pour gold into our car, everytime if go visit my friend in orchard road will have to pay ERP, even go school also will kana gantry. Piangz man, I tell you.

Our garment very smart hor, say tax very low, but our working money, our see-pee-eff 21% everytime cut from our monthly pay. Some more that money until I die also cannot see. Next time people ask how much I earning, I say only less than 1000 dollar, you want to donate peanut shell to me? Hahahahaha! And my takde kerja friends I duno why always so damn bloody rich, father mother still give money to them always can go clubbing one. Sialan. I want to buy that Luis Vuitton bag also can only dream. Maybe I must go become more sexy sexy, find rich ang moh boyfriend, always buy this, buy that for me, then I run away with him to oversea! Sorry ah, but all the stupid mats with they tapered pants look like idiots who wear pants wrong size, see also tak suka. Then can forever forget about this stupid place where everything also must Pay And Pay!

Haishh. Anyway my idiot bitch friend Samantha (I call her saman hahaha) say you don't dream want to own one jaguar like the sexy sexy angmoh woman, wear leopard scarf, wear sunglasses, slim sexy leg come out, then got sunset in the background when the wind blow slow-slow. You dream also until no tomorrow. Haiz, I tell her, while plucking my eyebrow, at least the garment still allow us to dream whaaaat.

Lu enjoy telling peeple to talk, to be open, but when peeple mouth open want to say not happy things, lu bilang kita shuddup or else kana sue for slander. Machiam sial tahu tak? So everyone also must have the "I love singapore and so should you" kind of thinking arh?

I ask rockson tell you:


Macam sial man. You think everyone is always happy arh? Not happy, you make people's lives hell, take their money, take their status, take their lives. Wah, I think hor, in singapore, become gay or lesbian and keep quiet is better than be normal people who unhappy with singpore garment, or else will kana fucked backside by lau lee on tv like the reporter!!

Haiyah, think think also until sian, I think I go do more important thing, like prepare my facial mask.


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